Claudio Giova was born in Naples in 1967, in the « Sanità » district, Two hundred meters from the birthplace of Totò. He began his artistic career as a child, studying piano and solfeggio as self-taught, and subsequently , with Concetta Soldi, Armanda Desidery, Tonino Esposito, Gianni Desidery and Renato Piemontese. At the age of fourteen he formed his first pop-rock band, the Napoli Band and, in 1982, the musical group Bagaria, with which he performed in different parts of the city as a singer and pianist, by performing songs composed by himself and songs of famous musicians.

In 1987 he began to study lyrical singing with M° Daniela Del Monaco and began with the Corale Partenopea choir, performing some ancient music’s arias. He also performed in some solo concerts. He continued his singing studies with M° Michael Aspinall in Naples and with M° Paolo Montarsolo in Rome. Without ever interrupting his career as a lyrical singer, songwriter and singer. In 1990, he made his debut as an actor-singer at the Sannazzaro Theatre in Naples in the show Te voglio 'nzisto, directed by A. Baldantoni. Since then, he has alternated between his activities as a singer and actor, he also created , directed and played in the shows Monologues by Claudio Giova and The Prince Hamlet. In 1991 he composed the concert for violin Il risveglio della scugnizza, performed by M° Gennaro Désiderio and he also composed the music for the show Questi fantasmi, directed by Ciro Pellegrino. In 1992 he attended the Academy for Lyrical Singers in Bologna, directed by M° Léo Nucci, performing in a concert directed by M° Francesco Maria Martini

He then moved to Rome, where he attended theatre stages with different directors, such as: Peter Brook, Valeria Campo and Leonardo Petrillo. Since then, he has had many theatre experiences with Pupella Maggio, Fiorenzo Florentins, Rocco Papaleo, Lando Buzzanca and other directors. And, he also had many musical experiences as songwriter, and as lyrical baritone (La Traviata, The Barber of Seville, Il Trovatore, Pagliacci, Cavalleria Rusticana and The Boheme), under the direction of M°Sergio La Stella and alongside famous lyrical singers (Léo Nucci, Bruno Pola, Nunzio Todisco, Ettore Nova, Barbara Frittoli). In 1997 he performed in a musical evening with Umberto Bindi. The following year, he took part in the TV series Un Medico in Famiglia, directed by Riccardo Donna on « Rai 1 ». In 1999, he played in the movie Frida, professione manager, directed by Renato Polselli.

After an intense activity in Italy, France, Egypt and Malta, in 2000 he founded the company Teatro del Mare with which he created mostly experimental shows as an actor, singer, director, author and composer. The first of these was Moods and Rumors "All Trash", followed by Moods and Rumors "All Trash Again". In 2002 he performed in Carmen by G.Bizet in the show Uno di Noi, conducted by Gianni Morandi with the choreography of Luca Tomassini. In 2003 he participated in the short film The Suspect, by Dusty Frames and he began his filmaker activity by directing the short film Feminine Winds, which explores the female universe. Among the performers, we also find Carolina Crescentini and Emilia Verginelli. The following year he was the lead actor in Keira Hant’s short film Obsession. He also directed the show Solitude, Love and Anarchy. He then directed Bulimic, looking for love : available, Around the world in 80 days : Peoples united, and he also directed the videos Bulimia and other voids and Giromondo.

In 2007, after attending a film course directed by director Silvano Agosti, he directed the short films: Télé-commande ; Destruction; The mutant race; The envelope of the first life; Life-maze; The wings again; The shell of my soul. He represented for the National Theatre of Rome, the show written, directed and interpreted by him Guantanamo of torture, also by signing the videos and music of it.  In 2009, he directed the show Water-air, Earth-fire and he also created the video of it. The year after he wrote and performed Mediterranean. In addition, he performed in several concerts of classical Neapolitan, French and English songs from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and also songs composed by himself.
In 2010 he played in the movie Il sesso aggiunto, directed by F.A. Castaldo, with the soundtrack of the Oscar-winner Nicola Piovani. In 2011, he was the screenwriter and main actor in the movie The Human Comedy and, at the theatre, he was the lead role in Tolstoy’s Kreutzer Sonata. In 2012 he wrote , directed and composed the music of the movie Pulse of Breaths in the twilight, which deals with people with psychomotor problems. He played the short film White is pherishable and fades to gray, by Rossella Inglese. He then wrote, directed and performed Monologue of a man in search of a solution, with videos and songs created by him.

Currently, he's living in Paris, to continue his artistic and research career, he is transforming his short film Feminine Winds,  into a movie. From 2013 to 2015 he played in the movie Putain, c'est pas simple, directed by Emmanuelle Nobécourt, in Scènes de Ménages, directed by Karim Adda and in the adverts Sojasun, directed by Charles Martiny and Perrier – Jouet, directed by Paul Mignot. He took part in some theatrical readings: Haddassah, elle Ester; Julie ; Augustin; An hour for ten Jews. He performed Le doctor of the Pope in Ainsi soient-ils, directed by Rodolphe Tissot. He played in several short films. He lent his voice for the documentary Marcello Mastroianni, the ideal Italian, directed by Emmanuelle Nobécourt and, at the theatre, he was Horatio in the show Hamlet, directed by Colette Roumanoff. In 2016, he played in two commercials: SNCF - Europe reaches out to you - TGV Europe directed by Patrick Cassir and Total E Card 2017, directed by Édouard Le Scouarek. In addition, he directed and played the videoclips Unforgettable (with Camille Claris) and Les feuilles mortes and he was co-director and actor of the movie Balade avec Beethoven, alongside Pierre Santini. Then he played in the pub Point P Génération Artisans 2017, director Xavier Dragon. In 2019, he was the voice over of the documentary The explorers, directed by Bernard Guerrini and the voice-over of the movie The Tartar Desert, directed by Martin le Chevallier.

 In 2021 he performed NapoliTango, a concert of classical Neapolitan songs t o the rhythm of tango, accompanied by the accordionist Marion Buisset and Guantanamo des tortures, his 2007 show revived in French. In 2022 he released the album and the videoclip Viva l'amor, in collaboration with Elio Guetta and starred in the film La nouvelle femme, by Léa Todorov, alongside Jasmine Trinca, Leila Bekti and Raffaele Esposito. In 2023 he made the single and the videoclip Long Life Love and starred in the TV series Aime-toi, le ciel t’aidera, directed by Virgilia Giambruno. In 2024 he made the single and the videoclip Qu'est-ce que c'est la felicità?